Temple Treat

Temple Treat

Enjoy our special treats and make them a part of your treatment.

Sauna 20mins

Melt your stress away by experiencing our traditional dry Sauna. The therapeutic heat set in a wooden cabin will stimulate the circulation and cleansing of the body, while decompressing the mind & the muscles. The high temperatures and dry air enable the body to release toxins without overheating the skin.

Steam 20mins

For the purpose of relaxation and skin cleansing, our heated Steam room will help improve blood circulation, loosen stiff joints & opens up sinuses.

Jacuzzi 20mins

Restore the body’s energy and release muscle tension with an aromatic salt based Jacuzzi.

Hammam 20mins

Rejuvenate both your body and mind with our traditional turkish bath ritual, the Hammam. An ultimate wellness journey.